6 Tips To Get You Creating Art NOW

Finding inspiration and ideas for arts and crafts is easy for me and seems to come as natural as breathing, so writing this article took some thinking on my part. So I thought about things that tend to help people when they are stuck or things that give people ideas and inspiration.


Meditating helps clear and relax the mind, which in turn can help ideas come through. If you want, you can also create a mantra to help aid you in your quest of what to do. For example, your mantra can be ‘I will come up with an idea of what to draw’ or ‘Ideas for painting will come naturally to me’. Your mantra can literally be anything and fitted for your particular situation!

All you have to do is find a quiet place and get into a comfortable position. Clear your mind and/or repeat your mantra for at least 10 minutes or until an idea comes to mind.

If you have a hard time clearing your mind, you can simply focus on something. Simply staring at something, especially a moving object that goes back and forth like a pendulum, can help put you in a deep relaxed state.

When I used to practice self hypnosis, I would stare at my mom’s Minnie Mouse clock. The balls underneath the clock would spin back and forth, putting me in a deep state of relaxation and tranquility. So if you are one of the many people who have a hard time clearing your mind of thoughts, simply staring at something (moving or not) can help you achieve the same results as meditating!


You can doodle or use automatism to come up with ideas. Automatism is similiar to doodling but the person is not conscious of what they are drawing. Like the name implies, it is automatic and done without thought, while doodling requires some thinking during the process.

All you need is a piece of paper and something to write with. After you finish doodling or using automatism, look at your work and see if there is anything resembling real world objects or that you just like. It does not have to completely resemble real life. If it just reminds you of a real life object that is good enough.

For example, in the doodle below, the circled image initially reminded me of a fried egg (I know that it sounds weird, but it’s true!).

Because the doodle also looks like sushi, I could draw sushi as well. I can take it a step further and draw my favorite foods. From one doodle, I was able to come up with 3 ideas! If your mind is anything like mines and you can come up with associations and connections the way I did above, then you can easily come up with a number of ideas from doodling alone.

A fried egg

A cinammon bun

Walk Around In An Arts and Crafts Store

Arts and crafts stores can be a hotspot for potential ideas. From free patterns to craft kits, inspiration can be just around the corner. Me personally, I find inspiration and ideas from Hobby Lobby, more so than Michael’s or Joann.

I even took a picture of the home decor below in Hobby Lobby last month since I like to take photos of things that can possibly inspire me to create something in the future (plus it’s pretty!).

You can make a sculpture based on this piece

You can also go to an antique store for ideas as well and buy some items to make an assemblage. You can also take photos of things that you find interesting and later use them in a drawing, painting, or collage.

These same things can also be done in any store including items in your favorite section or a section relevant to your favorite art. For example, if you love makeup or food and want to paint or draw something, go to those sections and find something that catches your eye.

Google Images

When it comes to googling images, one thing can lead to another. Even if you only have a vague idea of what you want to create, type that in. You can find several images that will give you an idea of what to do. This is what a search of ‘mosaic assemblage’ pulled up:

Seeing these images, I would get a box and cover it with mosaic tiles and fill the box with objects to make a larger piece (similar to how several items are used to create the heart in the lower bottom corner).

Ideas in a Hat

Writing down the names of objects on scrap pieces of paper or placing the objects themselves in a hat, randomly draw out as many as you like in order to get an idea of what to create.

For example, if you pull out slips of paper with the words ‘lion’, ‘lamp’, and ‘vase’, you can make a sculpture that looks like a combination of a lamp and/or vase with lion-like features. If you pull out two photos of yourself on vacation, you can create a collage or drawing based on your vacation.

What you decide to create do not have to be literal. They can be metaphorically or convey a mood or associations you have with those things. For example, using the above example of the two photos of yourself on vacation, you can create a drawing, painting, or even a sculpture that conveys the mood or emotions experienced during the vacation.

Look Around You

This is similar to going to a store except you can get inspiration from anywhere or just by simply lying in bed and looking at your surroundings.

While at work one day, I saw that a co-worker of mine had these pitchers under their demo cart. I LOVE the shape of these pitchers so much that I took a picture of them for future reference. I was planning on making a ceramics piece based on its shape but I either forgot or was unable to make it tall enough for the assignment that I was going to make it for in my ceramics class.

As you see, anything, anywhere can catch your eye and I would recommend taking a photo for later like I did if you  are out and about or write it down if you are home.


From walking around in a store to doodling, there are a number of ways to come up with ideas to inspire you to create something. Having already named a few, if you have any ideas or suggestions of your own, feel free to leave a comment below. Have a great day and keep creating!




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